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We invite you to give in three ways: your enthusiasm for our mission, your interest in becoming part of our service community, and your financial support. Help us expand our capacity to protect this sacred haven, improve wildlife habitat, preserve watershed health, and nurture resilient forests now and for generations to come. 

Donations can be made directly through your PayPal account:

send to or click the Donate button:

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Donations made by check are also welcome:

3484 South Utah Street,

Arlington, VA 22206

Thank you!

By supporting RRC, you are sustaining a major regional carbon sink as well as a delightful space for low-impact opportunities to reconnect with nature. Your generosity will help give the next generation of land stewards a place to develop the wisdom and skills to sustain earth's gifts.


The Rolling Ridge Conservancy is a 501(c)3 non-profit public benefit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

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We began a capital campaign in 2021 to build RRC’s capacity to protect and steward the land entrusted to us. Our most immediate goal was securing 100 acres of adjacent land integral to RRC’s mission. We are now raising funds, procuring grants, and moving toward creating a community of friends and supporters to establish dynamic, resilient stewardship work and solid financial grounding for the years ahead.

To learn more about this campaign, click here or on the thumbnail below to read our RRC Campaign Report.

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