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Protecting, preserving, and nurturing the largest privately-owned wilderness area near Washington DC and along the entire Appalachian Trail

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"A short walk in the woods can restore our attention span, make us more hopeful and compassionate, and improve our mood."

~ Douglas W. Tallamy, Nature’s Best Hope

Saturday, July 20, 9 am - 1 pm

Volunteer Day

pine in log

We commit ourselves to being good stewards of the land, respecting the wisdom of past generations and cultures and honoring these earthly gifts by protecting and nurturing a healthy, biodiverse ecosystem through responsible forestry practices

waterfall and bluebells

We seek to protect this wilderness for future generations, building resilience and adaptability into both the ecosystem and the organization responsible for it, working collaboratively, creatively, effectively, and responsibly.

Welcome to Rolling Ridge sign
Equitable Access

We welcome, encourage, and support all who walk gently on this land, mindful of our interdependence with other living beings in this peaceable wilderness, respectful and accepting of all the nuances of diversity that comprise our common humanity.

Juvenile turtle in hand
Mutual Flourishing

We believe humans and nature can interact in mutually beneficial ways. We commit to balancing the needs of the ecosystem and our wild kin with the needs of the people who live, work, and play here so that our impact is life-giving to all.


Children catching tadpolls in frog pond

We see outdoor education as an opportunity to connect with wilderness, to experience the healing powers of the forest, to teach and learn both scientific and spiritual ways of understanding, and to practice respectful interactions with nature. We support opportunities to give the next generation of land stewards a place to develop the wisdom and skill to sustain earth’s gifts far into the future.

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